Own Cloud – A free alternative to DropBox and Google Drive

Drop Box, Google Drive and other cloud services where you can store your files online are a tremendous convenience to consumers, but in some cases storing your business’s data in places unknown is not the most comforting of solutions, and in other circumstances may actually be prohibited by law or regulations such as HIPPA.

So what are you to do in such cases where storing sensitive data in the cloud is unavailable, and yet you need to be able to access this data remotely? The answer is to deploy a private cloud.
Platforms like Own Cloud give you secure remote access to the data files on your business network, using easy to use Mobile applications for your Mobile Phone or Tablet, thus enabling your business with your own “private cloud”.


This capability is particularly useful for businesses with geographically dispersed work forces that need to collaborate on business documents using simple browser based tools. Not only does this type of solution ultimately save you from paying monthly fees for online storage, but it allows you to maintain the control you need over your digital assets in the one place that matters, inside your business.

Somerville Technology Solutions can perform the implementation of Owncloud in your office, train your employees to power user status, and help you with the deployment of the mobile apps to mobile devices. Never be without your critical business data again.

  • Android
  • iOS (Apple)
  • Mac
  • Windows
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