Desktop Support

Your desktop computers are more than just tools, they are the gateway of your business’s contact with customers, suppliers, partners and more. When they aren’t running efficiently, that represents lost productivity, lost time and possibly lost opportunities and revenue.

Somerville Technology Solutions will help you develop a strategy to maintain your competitive edge via top notch desktop performance. We are able to do this, because we have years of experience helping other clients maintain their computing infrastructure; desktops and servers. We have seen the havoc that poor policies and irregular maintenance can wreak on a business’s ability to make stable and predictable IT investments, and our customers tell us nothing irks them more than having to make unexpected support or hardware replacement purchases. Our maintenance and support plans are designed to help you avoid unexpected costs and downtime.

Occasionally, even the best of us need a little helping hand. We are there to help your employees maximize their performance with the applications used in your office. We provide deskside and remote training, documentation of procedures, and troubleshooting misbehaving applications. We can even act as your onsite representative with your software vendors when a call to tech support is unavoidable, thus allowing your employees to concentrate on delivering great service to your customers.

Remote Support
We realize that you expect your IT service provider to be available at a moments notice, which is why we have awesome remote support technology at our disposal. Short of a hardware failure, there are many issues we can address without having to set one foot into your office. We can remotely guide you through resolving issues, quickly and efficiently, and our remote support management tools also allow us to screen share and video chat at the same time.



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