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Strictly speaking, Group Office isn’t a pure CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution in our view, despite the fact that it has CRM like features. It is; however, more like the Swiss Army Knife of office collaboration tools, neatly rolling up multiple key applications into one package, and we thinks it’s great.

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Group Office’s web based interface is all business without the fluff and distractions other solutions sometimes pile on. However, despite being a bit stark, the user interface is well thought out and easy enough to learn after a bit of time with the application. Furthermore, considering how packed full of features this application suite is, it doesn’t overwhelm, as the features are arranged in modules that can be disabled based on assigned user privilege. In other words, you can relegate some users to a single application like email, or group calendar, and yet others can take advantage of the entire suite’s features.

This suite is particularly suited for employee collaboration; however, because it is web based, it can also be made available to customers and partners, albeit in a more restricted manner. One such application that comes to mind is the Files module, which is essentially a document library. This could allow an organization to seamlessly share customer or partner facing documents with outside parties quite elegantly. FTP and Faxing is so last century, as web based file sharing is part of the newer paradigm of information sharing that we enjoy today.

The Professional edition of Group Office includes mobile synchronization, allowing you to sync your calendar(s), address book(s), and task list(s) so that you are always up to speed with new developments, even while on the road.

Somerville Technology Solutions views GroupOffice as an excellent option for small businesses looking for an affordable office collaboration solution that elegantly ties group calendar, email, address books, billing, customer service, and more into a single unified application suite that doesn’t require installing software on every employee’s computer.

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